What is a Life Coach?


A Life Coach is a professional partner who helps people to expand beyond their limitations, and to become stronger more productive human beings. Coaches put their focus on empowering people and achieving tangible results.

When healthy people want to improve their lives in specific ways, such as changing careers, finding a healthy relationship, taking their business to a new level, losing weight, deepening their self-understanding, or living a more purpose-driven life, they often turn to a Life Coach. Coaches are agents of change who stand in the gap to help people to successfully move from one stage of life into another.

Give Life Coaching, Inc. was founded by Michal Muhammad for the purpose of helping individuals to discover, uncover and nurture our unique gifts that guide us into the realization and fulfillment of our purpose in life.

What Can I Expect From A Coaching Relationship with Michal Muhammad?


1. You can expect to be heard.

2. You can expect to be accepted for who you are.

3. You can expect to be validated.

4. You can expect to be challenged to achieve your goals and be your best.

5. You can expect a professional relationship with a person who is genuinely interested in you, and highly motivated to help you become the best person that you can be.

6. In short, you can expect to be pushed towards the realization of your own greatness.

Why Did You Become a Life Coach?


I became a Life Coach because the work that I do allows me to fulfill my purpose in life. Through coaching, I am able to empower people with tools to solve their own problems. I experience an inner joy and sense of fulfillment within my coaching relationships when people experience true growth and development.

In 2001, I began to specialize in coaching fathers and male-father figures seeking family reunification and/or to simply become more active and productive fathers in the lives of their children. We developed our program to become one of the largest and most progressive Male Involement Programs in the state of Illinois. It is over the past 11 years that I have come to understand the value of serving others. With a media background from Alcorn State University and Full Sail University, I developed businesses in the media and other service oriented industries and found myself coaching the many business clients that I served while developing media products and strategies to grow their businesses. I founded Give Life Coaching to focus specifically on what I enjoy doing most in life, which is to help individuals to reach their highest potential in life, family and business.

My greatest peace comes from knowing that every day that we serve the growth and development of others, we in fact, serve ourselves. Today, I continue to coach men, women, families, and entreprenuers to help them achieve their profesional goals, as well as the goals they have set within their families and relationships.

Is Life Coaching Expensive?


No. Rates are affordable, and the benefit that one receives from a coaching relationship far exceeds the fees.