Who is Michal Muhammad?

Very simply stated, I am an agent of change. If you have reached a point in your life where you know that it is time to make a change for the better, and that you need help to make and sustain this change, I can help you. Click on the video on the left to learn more.


"Michal helped me to gain the confidence I needed to start my own business and believe that I can support myself doing what I love to do. "
Brittany Ramsey

Personal Trainer, National Figure Competitor, Owner - MissFitBritt, Inc.

"Bro. Muhammad helped me and my sons through a rough period that we may not have been able to make it through by ourselves."
Stephanie Johnson

Single Mother


"Bro. Muhammad's workshops supported my vision at a time when I needed to believe in my calling to make a larger impact on my community and to step outside of the traditional box."
Tim Lee

Founder and Executive Director, One Black Man, Inc.

"Bro. Muhammad has literally helped to change the lives of hundreds of young men and boys for the better as a coach, advocate, mentor and workshop facilitator over the last 10 years within all of our programs designed to assist adolescent boys, men and fathers. Bro. Muhammad's ability to capture the attention of young men and to give them guidance that they can understand is unique and has been a vital aspect of our program."
David McCaskill

Program Manager, The Chicago Urban League